About Us

About Us


Manufacturing different types of tea and coffee premixes to get you the perfect blend of hot and cold beverages instantly!

Our premixes can be used for direct consumption. We are also specialized in making customized Tea recipes which is currently a popular trend in India.

GudChai by Mamajis Conveniece Stores aims at delivering the best quality products at affordable costs. We bring you multiple alluring flavours and varieties of exemplary beverages which can be made in a minute!

Tradition Met Passion at GudChai

GudChai brand by Mamajis Conveniece Stores is a venture by Rajesh nair who has invested over a decade in developing perfect recipes that bring the tradition of having unprocessed sugar alternatives to make a perfect everyday cup of tea.

Discover our Story

Our journey began in 2009 in the basement of our fast-food restaurant in a small town of Maharashtra called Ahmednagar. Tea is loved by everyone but the Sugar in it & its harmful effects on health has made it challenging for health-conscious people. This health concern has become an inspiration for Nitin Nagare to develop Jaggery tea, our innovative recipes are a result of countless hours of hard work & our mother’s input.

Jaggery when boiled with milk results in curdling, overcoming this was a big obstacle, but for young Nitin Nagare, this challenge became his very motivation.

After relentless efforts, he invented the unique formula of jaggery tea, which never curdles & tastes authentic, and delivers the same punch with every cup.

A few years later Nitin moved to Pune, where these recipes were appreciated & loved instantly by tea lovers. Now our Gudchai has become the first choice of millions of people, who are enjoying the added benefits of essential Vitamins and minerals with our super tasty and authentic GudChai recipe


Meet our Founder, Nitin Nagare

Here’s Nitin, our Founder and CEO, talking about his vision of taking India’s food wisdom to the entire world and drive a Sugar-Free wellness movement.