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Its combination of natural jaggery, quality tea powder & tea spices

Our jaggery tea never curdles, because we cracked the unique formula by which jaggery mixed with milk doesn’t curdle.

For one cup of tea, take one cup of water, milk & add 1 teaspoon of GudChai & boil together.

It is 100% safe, we guarantee that your data is safe with us & there won’t be any problem for you.

Our jaggery tea will be delivered to your home by courier company, delivery time depends on your address & courier service.

Not at all. On the other hand, it has many proven health benefits.

For best results, Once opened please store it in an AIRTIGHT container at a cool & dry place.

Once opened, our GudChai has 8 months of shelf life.

We have 4 Types of tea.

For 1 cup of tea boil 1 cup of
water & milk with 1 spoon of GudChai.

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